Along with our core mission of providing computers to schools and nonprofits C3 has partnered with several groups to enhance the technical skills of students and provide vocational training.

Denver School of Science and Technology


Students at the Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) are given the opportunity of participating in an internship program with one of many companies and research facilities in the Denver area. Each semester DSST send 2 students to C3 to learn about computer hardware, software and computer repair. At the end of the semester the students put together a display for the reception to celebrate the completion of the program.

Adams 12 – Vocational Training

Ben and Carol

The school district for Adams 12 runs the Impact/Transition program that provides job coaching and training to students with special needs. One of the goals of the program is to teach students the skills to become successful and independent members of society.   For several hours every Friday, Carol Craft brings in Ben to have him work here at C3 refurbishing computers.

Aurora Mental Health – Providers Resource Clearinghouse


Rex refurbishes a computer for an order

C3 is partnered with Providers Resource Clearinghouse. This organization is a part of Aurora Mental Health (AMH) and as part of our cooperative relationship we provide vocational training and employment for one or two clients being cared for through AMH. The process of refurbishing a computer is a fairly easy process that can be learned quickly and if an individual worker wants to learn more about computers our staff has a great deal of computer knowledge that can be passed on.